Wednesday, May 28, 2008

what's in your front yard: odd balls

I've always had a thing for art created with everyday objects used out of context...and a few years ago, I repurposed Matt and Caitie's old bowling balls in the garden. Dave didn't exactly see eye to eye with me on the "sculptural" interpretation I took. I think he thought it was a little weird, but went along with it, although he did firmly institute a ban on bowling pins as sculpture.
Lately, I've been gleefully pointing out examples of this spherical art form popping up in other gardens all over the place:

I'm thinking about stealing the bowling ball as fountain idea.

Dave took this one himself in California.

Here's one from a place in Bend, Oregon called the Funny Farm. (photo by TinaTwice)

This one in our garden seems kinda tame after looking at
a bowling ball tree, doesn't it?


Magpie said...

For the longest time, a display mannequin lived in my mother's shrubbery - the legs in one spot (upsidedown), the head and torso elswhere (she had no arms).

And once, I purged my closet of dead shoes, and brought them to her house to peep out from under the hosta - a little like the shoes of the Wicked Witch of the East sticking out from under the house.

That's a roundabout way of saying I like your balls.

Sparx said...

very cool! I love surprise sculptures.

foolery said...

I thought Bend got high winds . . . I wonder how the ball tree does in a gale? And how do you explain it to your homeowner's insurance when you have to replace the bay window for the second time? Ha ha

Love the nest -- both of them!