Tuesday, September 16, 2008

yessir, that's my baby

Twenty-eight years ago tonight our lives changed forever when our hearts were stolen by a tiny little 7lb.,2oz. bundle of joy. And even after all this time I'm still astounded every day by how lucky we are.

Happy Birthday, Matt!
Yo Mama


g said...


So sweet! Mine is 20. I remember how funny it was when the sweet little boy became a hairy, sweaty thing!!

But they are always your little boy!

Avanti Avanti said...

I love your blog! The pictures are a treasure from this one of "Mailbox Matt" to my favorite "Hippies Truckin'"
So sorry I missed your giveaway.
Jane, I just want to say thanks again, and also wanted to let you know I woke up with this great idea for my book. I am going to set up an essay contest! I am so jazzed.
Hugs, Michele

foolery said...

I'm gonna go stuff my 5-year-old into the mail box FIRST THING TOMORROW, ha ha.

Great photos, both.

-- Laurie @ Foolery

Avanti Avanti said...

Jane - It looks you may have started a new Mailbox trend! Crazy with laughter her - hugs, Michele

Sparx said...

28 years? My goodness, woman! What a great job you did, just look at him! Having a long long overdue catchup of my fave blogs - just going to settle in for a bit of a read.