Monday, November 24, 2008

avoidance therapy

I'm pretty sure I've been suffering from writer's block lately. It's not that the creative juices have dried up or anything. On the contrary, I've been experiencing a kind of creative overdrive. My mind is racing 24/7 with ideas, and my creative juices are dripping all over the carpet. I'm just having a hard time putting together coherent sentences, and maybe I'm a wee bit stressed.

The annual Holiday Sale at Camp Cactus is coming up in a couple of weeks and I've been mired in a thousand tiny details. It involves coordinating about 30 artists (some of whom don't have email or telephones), and organizing everything from assigning vendor codes to scheduling drop off times and postcard mailings. A bit like herding cats, I'd say.

So, here it is-two weeks before the opening, and I'm practicing every avoidance trick in the book. This week is really the last few days I have to work on making my own stuff.

Take a look at my studio:

As you can see, it's a freakin' disaster bit of a mess.

I have a few Tooth Fairies made.

And some handbags in various stages of abandonment completion.

Here are some unfinished Garden Fairies waiting for hair and wings.

And some half done lavender heat packs.

I'm ashamed to admit what the driveway looks like,
but what the heck - take a look:

So I'm stressed. I have a lot to do, and what am I doing?
Practicing avoidance therapy. I'm typing this at midnight, when I should be putting stamps on postcards, or perhaps, sleeping.
Instead, I've been taking pictures to accompany this post, and I may even vacuum or empty the dishwasher, or hey- have you noticed how dusty the walls are?
Gotta go. The dogs need a good, long walk. Catch you later!


g said...

God, it looks WONDERFUL!!!! It makes me itch to get to work (only I don't do any craft work, but just seeign your studio made me inspired). Lucky you.

AP2 said...

Oh boy, do I agree with "G"!!! Your studio is so neat!

cactus petunia said...

Hey, Anne:
I owe you a notebook! (You won the giveaway, remember?) Come on over to Camp Cactus for the sale next weekend if you can!