Sunday, December 14, 2008

heads up!

I was going to write a quick little post about the weather today, but I got sidetracked just now with some breaking news. Check this out:

Too bad that Iraqi journalist missed. Got to hand it to old Dubya, though. He certainly has quick reflexes. According to the reporter on FOX news, White House press secretary Dana Perrino was also smacked with a microphone (not sure if it was an unrelated incident) and could have a black eye in the morning...

So, on to the weather update: It's snowing, and I thought I'd take the pups out and attempt a Christmas card photo shoot.

Abbie was very cooperative.

And so was Cooper.

We're gonna have to work on the reindeer idea, though.


g said...

I saw that video earlier and laughed my ass off! I guess the guy said something like, "Here's your farewell kiss, you dirty dog!"

Not throwing candy and flowers are they?

g said...

someone on another blog suggested we all take photos of the soles of our shoes, print it on post card stock, and mail them to the White House.

Sounds like a good idea, eh?