Thursday, March 26, 2009

welcome to my neighborhood

Sometimes I'm just sitting here at the computer, minding my own business, when something outside the window catches my eye. Just now, it was this:

He just got back on his bike after knocking on my neighbor's door. (The neighbor with the overgrown lawn.) Times are bad for everyone, and ya gotta admire the guy's entrepeneurial spirit.

But, Dude...put a shirt on, fer cryin' out loud!


mo.stoneskin said...




INCREDIBLE! Awesome stuff.

But I can't believe I got caught on camera.

Suz Broughton said...

Seriously, put on a shirt. Haha. I do admire his gumption though,

sean burroughs said...

Hey! I have the same get-up and manly muffintop to boot!!! I thought the use of the kiddie sidecar was ingenious; c;mon, it doesn't get any greener than riding a bicycle and combining your ought to see me after 5 miles, not pretty!