Tuesday, January 12, 2010

is the universe trying to tell me something?

Some random historical facts about January 12th:
* 1528, BI *
Gustav I crowned king of Sweden
(BI= Before Ikea)

* 1915 *
The U.S. House of Representatives rejects a proposal to give women the right to vote.
(Even way back then they were idiots)

* 1966 *
Batman premiered on ABC
(Biff! Pow! Holy Crap, Batman!)

* 1971 *
All in the Family premiered on CBS
(the show that made Meathead famous)

* 1981 *
Dynasty premiered on ABC
(it was the 80s...what can I say?)

* 1991 *
Beginning of the first Gulf War
(will we never learn?)

* 2010 *
The Christmas tree is still up at Camp Cactus
(it's a tradition, if not a fire hazard)

January 12th Birthdays:

(photo borrowed from these guys)

(photo borrowed from these guys)

Kirstie Alley
(photo borrowed from this site)

...and yours truly.

Who do you share your birthday with?


Kyddryn said...

The only one I can recall offhand is Galileo.

Happy birthday!!

Shade and Sweetwater,

suburban farm said...

Umm, the crazy USA and many other I am sure.
Happy Birthday

mo.stoneskin said...

Happy Birthday and thanks for the random (but possibly useful in a pub quiz) information!

BOSSY said...

Bossy shares with someone bogus, as she remembers. All the better for Bossy... if she ever "makes it", Bossy can move to the number one position. Not hard to beat out the sister of some B actor, once.

(Bossy loves Howard Stern, by the way. Loves.)

Sparx said...

Happy Birthday (belated!!!)