Monday, July 4, 2011

and it seems like only yesterday his art was on my fridge...

Last week, Matt hung his work
 in a group photography show at
 Portland State University's Autzen Gallery.  
Instead of an opening, they had a closing reception.
Even though I had already seen all the works in progress,
 I was still impressed with how good they looked on those clean white walls.

Father and son shared a touching moment
(pay no attention to the body language - apparently, it's hereditary)
Here's a group portrait of all three talented artists.
We trooped upstairs to see an older installation 
of Matt's graffiti series in the stairwell gallery

Seeing his work hanging in public made
 us so proud and impressed
...and it's so much cooler than hanging on our refrigerator!

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Aunt Snow said...

wow, you must be proud!!