Monday, September 5, 2011

nature turns the page

I woke up the other day and summer was over. It was September first, and the quality of the daylight and scent of the season had suddenly changed. There was a slight nip in the air, and the soft, sweet, dense bouquet of summer had been replaced with the crisp aroma of cooling earth.

The atmosphere is crystal clear, the amber light comes slanting through the walnut tree out front. Squirrels have amped up the harvest, running around with two or three walnuts in bulging cheeks. They're burying the loot everywhere: in the garden, flower pots, under chair cushions, in unattended shoes.

The message from squirrel HQ?  Winter's coming...stock up!

We've had a short, cool summer up until now. Only one 90˚ day so far, but the forecast for next week looks promising.

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