Sunday, April 15, 2012

how not to sell your stuff on craigslist

Let's say for instance, you have a treadmill in your bedroom that's turned into a very expensive thing on which to hang your clothes. You've  given up hope you or your significant other will ever use it again, because...let's face it: your home is not a 24 Hour Fitness, and the only place in the house it fits is in your bedroom, where you are forced to exercise facing a blank wall. So you haul it out to the garage, where it now sits, covered in camping gear and dust, preventing you from actually using your garage for a place to park your car.
Two or three years go by, and you attempt to argue with your wife in defense of your most sincere desire to start a new fitness routine (an argument you lose, because she'd rather have a place to park her car) and you decide to sell it on craigslist.
 So, you take a picture, put in the pertinent info, and post it on the website.

Hmmm. Perhaps you should try again. The first ad didn't seem to get any response at all...

Then your wife says, "Maybe a new exercise routine isn't such a bad idea after all, honey."

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