Wednesday, March 19, 2014

random stuff I've seen a million times and never actually noticed, no.2

I had one of those aha! moments sneak up on me the other day at work while standing at the sink washing a dish... I reached for the dish soap and suddenly my brain dissected the first word I saw:
Palm. Olive.

Why had I never noticed that? And what does it mean? Of course, I then had to immediately Google it.
(What did we do before the advent of Google and instant gratification?)

I had never even given it a thought. I'd always assumed it was just someone's name: maybe whoever invented dish soap? After all, the name of the company that makes it is Colgate-Palmolive. As it turns out, the real story is fairly simple:

In 1806, William Colgate started a starch, soap and candle factory in New York. By 1848, the company was selling individual cakes of soap.
In 1928,  the company was bought by a rival soap company, Palmolive-Peet, whose founder, B. J. Johnson, invented a soap made entirely from palm and olive oils.
Palm + Olive = Palmolive.
It became the world's best-selling soap.

Now, aren't you glad I cleared that up? You're welcome.

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