Saturday, March 22, 2008

many paths lead through the forest, but they all come out on the other side (eventually)

Sometimes I'm busy. Really busy. Extremely busy, even. (Not too busy, apparently, to read other blogs, but busy nonetheless.) Yesterday I was musing about all the strange and sometimes actually readable ideas that come screaming through my addled head at two in the morning, and other equally inappropriate times. Today the universe confirmed how interconnected we all are: Christine at Just Another Manic Mommy posted about her top ten unused ideas. (Some of which are way better than any of mine I've actually deemed good enough to post, by the way.)
So. I seem to have lost the trail where I was headed. Oh, right: it's truly amazing to me that we (humanity in general) can often be on such similar wavelengths, and yet there seems to be a limitless number of ways we express those thoughts and ideas. 

I tend to get ahead of myself when I get an idea that I'm excited about, and embark upon a journey that may ultimately end up going nowhere. When I first discovered blogging, I had so many directions I wanted to go, I set off down multiple paths, some of which I'm still wandering aimlessly.   One in particular, Dietary Indiscretions,  has been languishing in the dark nether regions of my imagination for months now, and has yet to actually get anywhere.  Meanwhile, the events that inspired the original idea are beginning to fade into the fog of my short term memory.  So, this morning I've decided to spend a little more time telling those tales of the four-footed knuckleheads who hog all the most comfortable spots on the living room furniture, and who knows? maybe I'll come out of the forest on the other side with more ideas than I went in with. 

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