Saturday, March 1, 2008

Well, it's March first, and I feel as if I'm finally emerging from a very long, dark winter. We've just had two weeks of unseasonably sunny, warm and highly optimistic weather, coupled with the second total lunar eclipse in a year (and a leap year, at that!)'s truly the looniest end-of-winter blues I've experienced in a good long while.

My head's been cloudy with the flu for the last week. Oh, yeah-I thought that drinking Emergen-C (powdered vitamin C and B supplements that usually pack quite an antioxidant wallop) three times a day would ward off the nasty bug that seems to have hit everyone in the last couple of months. No such luck...although maybe it would have hit me harder without the extra vitamins. Who knows? I'm just grateful the worst of it seems to be over.

It's taken me all day to write the previous two paragraphs, so I guess I am still under the weather. I did make it outside to walk the dogs this morning, and had an early afternoon burst of energy, enabling me to plant a few flowers and clean up the accumulated dog poo in the yard. Yay. Now I'm (pardon the pun) pooped out again, ready for a nice cup of tea and maybe a Girl Scout cookie. Hey, at least I got to wear my groovy new gardening boots for a few minutes.

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