Monday, July 7, 2008

gardens gone wild

It's barely midsummer, and I'm pretty sure the garden is trying to take over the world. Seriously, the hops vine (just one) I planted to cover the chain link fence a couple of years ago is threatening to engulf the house and anything else in its path unless I hack it back to the fenceline every day.
Yesterday it almost got Abbie while she sat peacefully on the path, minding her own business. I could almost see the evil green tendrils reaching out for my poor, defenseless pup, ready to encircle her neck in a choke hold and drag her into the thicket. Thank God the monster dies back in the winter, or we'd all be up to our necks in hops by November.

Everything else is growing to giant proportions, and it seems like the yard is getting smaller every day. Don't get me wrong, I love the flowers and vines and crazy volunteers popping up everywhere, it's just that it all grows so fast!

In the picture above, you can see the studio disappearing under the climbing roses and clematis. I started planting vines and climbers when I ran out of horizontal ground to plant stuff in...
Did I mention that HGTV has contacted me about filming their new reality show, Gardens Gone Wild? (Not.)

Peace out, people.


Flowersbyfarha said...


I can relate--even though I'm not a "dirt gardener" (being a "ribbon gardener" instead).

During my childhood, my Mom would go out into the yard with grim determination and a hoe and hack out the wild blackberry bushes that would choke the storm drain creek's bank.

Magpie said...

i find that whenever anything takes off, something or someone nips it in the so-called bud. last year my husband weed whacked the morning glories. this year, the deer got some of the fancy hosta. and the damned town mowed the tawny daylillies that i was encouraging across the street...

foolery said...

I lost my battle with the giant fig tree years ago, and with the pyracantha (sp.?) only last year.

In other news, hey! A hand-lettered sign! And really good hand-lettering too!


Typography Fan

g said...

Beautiful garden! It makes me nostalgic for my own Seattle garden. I remember how things would just take off and grow wild in that climate! Mine is now a California garden, and relies on sprinklers and a yardman to survive, but it has its moments. Stop by if you have time.