Sunday, July 13, 2008

summer camp

I spent the day today prepping to teach fibre arts at art camp next week. This year we're teaching about the native arts, music and crafts of Scandinavia. So, today I was figuring out how to make a simplified version of this:

It's a version of a crown worn by Norwegian brides, generally passed down from one generation to the next. It's always a challenge to come up with a version of a native craft that kids can accomplish in the span of a couple of hours or so, while learning useful crafts such as embroidery or weaving or other fibre techniques. (Oh, and did I mention, with a very small budget?) Anyway, it's fun to witness the sense of mastery that kids get after learning these new skills. And it's always a treat to see them wearing their creations on Friday night at the open house. Here's what I came up with:

Whaddaya think? Thanks to my always patient model, Abbie!


foolery said...

Oh, that's just too much. But Abbie appears to be from SOUTHERN Norway . . . like maybe Cameroon?

I'm sure you are a wonderful teacher. I'd enjoy your classes, I'm POSITIVE. :)

maggie said...

that is freaking adorable... will abby be helping teach the class?

San Diego Momma said...

OK, I'm Norwegian and I never saw that before...I must bone up on my ancestry...

Ha! "Bone" -- and Abbie's a dog?! Way to bring it full circle, San Diego Momma!

(Sorry. I am currently coffee-free, which I hope explains everything)

judeemoonbeam said...

I just love reading about camp from your perspective. I get misty just seeing the photos--especially the one of Abbie medeling the crown...I mean, my god, that photo has been hanging up in the studio for a week and I'm laughing so hard right now I am in tears!! roflol!!
I'll miss you next week--especially when we're dancing (falling) down the isle.... :-)