Thursday, February 5, 2009

buenos burritos!

Dave had a few vacation days set to expire, so last Monday we flew down to the San Francisco Bay Area for a quick visit with relatives and friends, and to hang out in old familiar places. We arrived at Oakland Airport around lunchtime, and after grabbing our rental car, made haste across the Bay Bridge to the center of the burrito universe, which happens to be located at 16th and Valencia in San Francisco's Mission district. 

La Cumbre is our gold standard for burritos here at Camp Cactus, the burrito to which all other burritos are compared. In a highly scientific but personal survey conducted under the strictest protocol imaginable, it was deemed Camp Cactus Burrito Joint of the Year for over thirty years running.

We first started coming to La Cumbre about 30 years ago, before our kids were born. Matt's first solid food was refried beans, given to him when he was spirited away to the kitchen in back by the sweet ladies at the steam table. He'd be returned to us clutching a tiny, bean filled corn tortilla in his little fist, grinning like a fool.  I think he still reacts that way to burritos, and was a bit disappointed that the one we brought back on the plane for him on Friday night was from a taqueria in Oakland, instead of the mothership on Valencia Street. 

What can I say? The mothership called us home, and we obeyed....

Mmmm! (Oh, Yeah.)


g said...

Oh, yum!Looks delicious. I'm too sick to even be able to smell one now, but maybe that would help kick this cold!!!

Matthew said...

So jealous!!!!!!

Sparx said...

Oh man, you two look SOOO happy! Makes me hungry and I've just eaten!