Tuesday, April 14, 2009

thematic photographic: edible

Willamette Valley wild blackberries. They squish when ripe and burst in your mouth, the dark juice staining your lips and running down your chin. And somehow, I'm always wearing a white shirt when I'm picking them and look like I've been involved in some grisly scene, rather than just gathering berries!  

Raspberries are bland, and strawberries are just too ordinary when compared with these black beauties. Unfortunately, they don't ship well, so you'll just have to come to Oregon this summer and taste them...stop by over at Carmi's blog to see who else has posted photos on the edible theme.


mo.stoneskin said...

Yeah, blackberries are my favourite, and I have fond memories of picking them as a kid too.

foolery said...

Oh Jane, my mouth is actually watering!

We have a hybrid that was created by Luther Burbank, I think, who was trying to be helpful. He created the most prolific and delicious noxious weed known to man. We have BANKS of these berries, which is useless because you can reach only the outer edge (unless, like my brother, you get someone to lower you into the middle in a tractor bucket).

Can't wait for July.

g said...

I love this photo. It really is mouthwatering.