Tuesday, May 19, 2009

excuses, excuses...

I haven't been able to write much the last couple of weeks. I have lots of posts started, but I seem unable somehow, to find the time or mental energy to expend on finishing anything. In fact, I've started a lot of things lately, and it seems everywhere I look there's an unfinished project or chore, or a thing that needs doing. 

It's not just me. Dave's got a lot of projects piling up, too. His way of dealing with it is to write notes and put them up in places he'll see them and be reminded. It makes me a little crazy sometimes, because it's not just a note or two here and there for a few days...the notes themselves pile up. (But that's a whole future post, right there...)

On top of all these unfinished projects, I've been trying desperately to keep from being cast as a player in someone else's drama. And (to continue with the theatrical metaphors) yesterday afternoon you could say I cancelled my audition for that particular production, so I suddenly feel a great relief that I won't be embroiled in what looks like a tragicomedy-in-the-making all summer long.

I'll try to get back in the swing of things soon, but meanwhile, here's photographic proof of just a few of the projects piling up around Camp Cactus:

Project No. 1: The Fireplace
(bricks primed back in October, still awaiting a faux finish)

Project No.2 : The Basement Stairs
(read this post for the reason I'm not exactly anxious to repaint)

Project No. 3: The Stairs
(18 years of traffic takes its toll)

Project No. 4: The Kitchen Trim
(eclectically unmatched)

Project No. 5 : The Extreme Studio Makeover
(If I'd hired snails to do it, it would have been done weeks ago)

So there you have it, the excuses reasons I haven't had time to post. Which reminds me, I have a project or five I must go deal with immediately. 


g said...

Geez, you to, huh? I wonder if there's something in the stars. I am feeling singularly uninspired, blue, useless, and bored.

Learning others are going thru it helps a lot - how wonderful we can exchange these confidences over such long distances.

**Caitie-Cakes** said...

I miss you guys. Love you and our love filled house. Kiss my fatty cat for me!

foolery said...

Well, I don't feel so bad that everywhere I look, EVERYTHING is unfinished. I do mean everything. So after a 13-hour day of work and training for a new possible career today, am I cleaning or sorting or ANYTHING constructive?

No way Jose.

Thanks for brightening my day, as always, Miss Petunia. Can I come over and help you paint? It looks so much more intriguing than my list. : )

-- Laurie