Sunday, May 24, 2009

flower power!

My weekend's been full of flowers.  On Friday, I drove our van loaded with flower arrangements out to our friends Melissa and Doug at Brick House Vineyards, for their Memorial Day Open House. You can see more photos here.

On Saturday morning, I went with my friend Suzie 
and her granddaughter Daphne to a magical place called Lonesomeville.

A one-acre garden in the middle of the city, Lonesomeville is a 20 year labor of love that belongs to two talented people, artist Danny Hills and partner Wayne Hughes. Danny and Wayne brought a decrepit old condemned farmhouse and overgrown grounds back to life, infusing it with art and flowers and magic. They also produce stunning pottery in a studio on the grounds.

These amazing tulips were practically the first thing I saw as we entered the garden.

Followed by this incredible blue Iris.

Then I came across this cute little Daphne in a sunny clearing...

The bees were also enjoying the flowers and the warm spring weather.

And Daphne was enjoying the hidden parts of the garden and all its winding paths.

Daphne and her grandma, Suzie.

There were birdhouses and birds everywhere.

And here's my favorite rose in the garden at Camp Cactus.
 It's a crazy climber called Talisman.

Mmmm. Can you smell it? Heavenly!


g said...

Wow, what a beautiful visit. I love the picture of the porch and the chairs - I just want to sit there with a good book and a glass of iced tea.

Auds at Barking Mad said...

There is something almost ethereal about the Blue Iris. I could just stare at that photo forever. I love them. Sadly, for some reason, I can't get irises to grow around here. I have a black thumb. Even my beloved tulips bailed on me, early, this year. *sigh*

Gorgeous photos.

And you are quite stunning!

Mary said...

The flowers are beautiful and I so enjoyed seeing a picture of Daphne and Suzie.
If I can figure out how to do it I am going to send the pictures to Daphne's distant cousins.