Monday, June 21, 2010

pdx to oc, day two

Back on the road after a one night stopover at my cousin's place. By 7:45 am I've already seen two dead deer and a small orange tabby on the side of the road. We humans sure have made this planet a dangerous place for our fellow creatures.
On the bright side, I narrowly avoid hitting a confused squirrel trying to cross the interstate, so I console myself with that for awhile.

By mid morning I've climbed up and over quite a few mountain passes:

The first three were hills, really...

but then they got a bit higher...

Still, nothing like going over the Rockies, but the highest point on I-5 nevertheless.
And then I got to see the last little bit of cool, green Northwest scenery for about a week:

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foolery said...

I can see that mountain from my house on clear days -- 125 miles north of me. At sunset on spring evenings it looks like a pile of raspberry-orange sherbet.