Sunday, May 22, 2011

dear samsung

Dear Samsung SGH-t609,
I want to thank your creators for building at least one product that never quits.

My trusty little white cellphone, you will not give up.  Not after being dropped a zillion times, or being left in a car to bake in 120º heat for hours, or having been chewed by a hungry labrador, or even that time you were run over by a pickup truck. No, not even after the final catastrophe: being dropped in a toilet. Needless to say, after that last incident, I'm afraid this time I will have to retire you, as no amount of disinfectant can get you clean enough. Please know I wish our relationship didn't have to end in such an undignified way. You see, I've been given a used Blackberry Curve as your replacement, and I will be missing you just as soon as I figure out how to use the #*&@!$% Blackberry.
Au revoir,

1 comment:

Sharyn said...

Nothing like water to euthanize a phone. I've dropped two phones (why didn't I learn?) in pedicure water and the outcome is gruesome.

Enjoy the BB. I'm, on my second and I like it.