Wednesday, August 6, 2008

a midweek meme...

Tag! I'm it!
g from Doves2day tagged me with a meme...and since I'm getting tired of digging up stuff for Wordless Wednesdays,  I guess I'll go ahead and oblige her. Here goes: 

Four things you should know about me before you invite me to your house:

1. I notice everything, except dust bunnies, dirt, and dog hair on the couch. I'm way too busy trying to figure out the exact paint color you used in your dining room. 

2. I'm a total klutz. Tell the kids to put away the skateboards and backpacks before I come over, because I'll definitely trip over them in the hall.
(See #1, above)

3. Ask me to help you with a home improvement project and I'll be over in a flash. I love group projects....mostly because it helps me to avoid the ones at our house.

4. I'm easily amused. Give me a glass of wine, a stoop (or front porch), some good conversation, and I'll be your friend for life.
That's about I guess I've got to tag some people and pass it on.  Hmmm.

You're it:

Magpie Musing
All Adither
Hold That Thought
Gotta run!


g said...

Nice!! You can come over to my house anytime & help with some home improvement projects!!

thanks for playing

Sparx said...

goodness, you sound just like me!!! I'm a massive klutz. And VERY easily amused....

Flowersbyfarha said...


You're welcome at my house, too...lots of dust bunnies to ignore!

And, why try to figure out the paint color, you can help me pick it out!

Love the squirrel pic... keep him busy and out of my attack.

Magpie said...

i'll come over for a glass of wine...

All Adither said...

I'm not so good with Memes. But I'll try.