Wednesday, October 8, 2008

he is NOT your friend

The carefully modulated voice, designed to soothe, invoking memories of a soft spoken grandfatherly figure who knows best. The use of the term,"my friends" a total of 22 times in 90 minutes. The utilization of fear of the unknown to rally our patriotism. Patronizing to the point of embarrassment.

He cannot say for sure he will be able to bring our troops back with honor and victory. No one knows that.
But yet he says it.

He also says: "I know how to get Osama Bin Laden, my friends." (what's up with that?) "I'll get him. I know how to get him, no matter what, and I know how to do it."(If you know how to do it, then what the f***k are you waiting for?)

Patriot, schmatriot.

John McCain still believes that all our foreign policy problems can be solved with the philosophy of talking softly, but carrying a big stick...y'know, just in case those foreigners don't behave the way we think they should.

Obama clearly speaks from his heart, but more importantly, he speaks from an intelligent place in his heart and expects us to rise to the occasion. To learn about what we may not understand. To do the right thing.

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Avanti Avanti said...

Hot dog are you right or what.
I watched that debate and felt his arrogant attitude. Much like Clinton's earlier on, when she acted as though the party owed her the candidacy. I cannot bear to watch someone say you owe me, I deserve it, it is my right - with their innuendos and body language.

McCain pointed to Obama and said "that one" Did he have a senile moment and forget Obama's name? Or was he just pointing to Obama with McCain's arrogant attitude - pointing at a black man - a man who McCain does not feel deserves to share the spotlight with him?

Aside from all the puff and stuff of this 26 year veteran of the US Senate, the part that appalls me most - me being a vet - is that he doesn't give a rat's behind about the vets in this nation.

And his wife Cindy - Marie Antoinette of our time - has the audacity to stand and point fingers at Barack concerning caring for vets, when her husband has voted against everything he can to make sure our kids do not have body armor in war, or health care when they come home.

There is no Veteran Society in the USA that backs McCain - and I think that says it all.

Both McCain and Palin's despicable lies are inciting the ignorant in America.

This is very dangerous. It could lead to violent attempts on Obama - and for what? LIES!

I am embarassed that this nation has sunk to such a depth. The lack of integrity is disgusting.