Wednesday, October 15, 2008

sweet autumn days

That's it.

Summer's definitely over. I've been working outside the past few days, and when you're outside in chilly weather for awhile you really notice the weather's not so balmy anymore.

Not long ago I drove out to see some friends who own Brick House Vineyards in Newberg, Oregon. Doug makes some of the finest Pinot Noir in the world (I'm saying some of the finest, because I'm not a wine expert but I do know what I like), and he and Melissa are unreservedly committed to organic and sustainable farming. It's like a little slice of heaven for us and the dogs when we can get out there for a visit.

Not only were the grapes ripe, but the blackberries surrounding the vineyard were the sweetest and juiciest I've had in ages. I'm sure the blackberry wine is already in the works.

Barrels of the 2007 vintage were stacked in the driveway, awaiting bottling.

I try not to forget to bring a camera with me.

Cooper doesn't often get to sit still when we're out in the country.

Neither does Abbie. She's got gophers to catch.

...and Cooper to chase.

It's so peaceful.

There are always canine companions to walk the vineyard with...three Brick House dogs and my two Camp Cactus dogs, and sometimes one or two other visiting pups make up quite a pack...The vineyard crew has unofficially nicknamed the place "Casa del perro" (Dog House).
If this is what it means when they say "the world is going to the dogs", I'm cool with that!


Suz @ Alive in Wonderland said...

Dog heaven! Beautiful pictures.

maggie said...

heh, thats what happens when Me and Marcus head on out to Dundee to visit Iris and Forrest these days... Dog Heaven!