Saturday, April 19, 2008

no blog left behind

I checked in on Just Another Manic Mommy's blog the other day, and found a link to this very interesting blog rating site. I must say I'm not exactly unhappy with the rating (see sidebar). I am shocked, though, with the ratings given for my other blogs:
Camp Cactus and Dietary Indiscretions
blog readability test seems I write for geniuses! (Though I'm not sure how this rating system works. It's a little odd that I barely write at all on Camp Cactus, and have not yet even published a single post on Dietary Indiscretions.) Maybe it means my writing is so obtuse (and you can use whichever definition you feel fits) that it takes a genius just to figure out what the heck I'm getting at.

I'm sure it must be the eight years of Catholic school. (Shhh...don't tell the Pope I never actually finished college) But I can frickin' write for geniuses! (And yes, it is perfectly all right to begin a sentence with either "and" or "but". Look it up.)

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foolery said...

My blog was last rated at a junior high level, I kid you not. BUT WAIT -- you're not surprised in the least, are you?

AND it's perfectly acceptable to begin sentences with conjunctions. However, it may get you a junior high rating. So there.