Saturday, April 12, 2008

what is that bright object in the sky?!

Oh, that? Could it be? Is it even possible? Yes, by golly, it seems as though the sun has finally returned. And, possibly because the headline in this morning's Oregonian referred to the "you-know-what" returning on Monday (nobody around here even dares utter the word rain out loud), all the pasty, pale denizens of my neighborhood were out. Walking through the park with the pups this morning, we passed a soccer game, 4 full tennis courts,  two little league games going simultaneously, dogs madly chasing squirrels, balls and frisbees, and a playground that was a veritable hotbed of activity.

When we got home, I dusted off the electric lawn mower to ready it for its spring debut, and Abbie and Cooper set about basking in the sun on the warm deck like seals sunning themselves on a dock. Later they moved out to the yard, where even Frisco joined them on the lawn, putting up with their sudden urges to roll in the grass, which sometimes means having to move quickly to avoid being crushed by 80 or 90 lbs of joyful canine. I love spring!


foolery said...

We had a day like that, too, only it was a little too hot (mid-80s). That first heat of the season can take it out of you, but I'm so ready for more.

Leaf, probably... said...

What a gorgeous dog! All that sun has me envious (I'm in New Zealand, and we're just heading into winter :S )