Tuesday, April 15, 2008

where in the world is Bossy?

Perhaps you've clicked on the "i am bossy" link on my list of interesting reads. Maybe not. But if you had, you'd know already that Bossy, the blogger, has embarked on a fascinating, 5-week-long cross-country traveling blogfest, where she has risked life and limb (and several pairs of expensive sunglasses) to bring together bloggers of every stripe and color imaginable.

I signed up for the Portland meet-up, set for Sunday evening at a fabulous tapas restaurant nearby. Once there, I met up with some of Bossy's Portland readers waiting outside in the suddenly chilly spring weather. We kept telling the sweet hostess who checked on us (she probably didn't want anyone freezing in front of the restaurant) that we didn't have any idea how many were in our party, but at least one more person would be joining us...after about an hour, she seated us at a table with a few extra chairs, just in case.
She was there, and she was there, and I was there, as well as she who doesn't blog, but does play in a marimba band...

We ate fabulous food, drank lovely wine, sangria and martinis, got to know each other a bit, worried about discussed Bossy's possible whereabouts, and flirted with the cute waiter (Bossy, you missed a winner) and generally had a great time.

All in all, we were disappointed that Bossy couldn't make it, but we're grateful she brought us all together. Safe travels, Bossy!


Anonymous said...

Hey J!
Great post! Yes, it was fun on Sunday. I enjoyed so much meeting with all of you and chatting the time away.

Take care,

foolery said...

Oh wow, that's a bummer. Actually, it's startling that her trip has gone so smoothly up tho this point -- I can mess up connections in a one-horse town, all by myself and without anyone else to muddle things up!

Maybe she'll meet all of you for lunch today, since she is having to go back through Portland to get to Boise.