Monday, June 16, 2008

chaos is my middle name...

Whew! The last week has been crazy, even by my standards! My studio here at Camp Cactus has been a veritable hive of frenetic activity, and today it all freaked peaked. Eighteen artists stopped by and delivered their work for the summer sale, some in a slightly more organized fashion than others. We artistic types have a different understanding of the term organization than do most "normal" people. For instance, some artists feel perfectly comfortable hastily scribbling out an inventory list in the driveway, surrounded by their ceramic pots, bowls and vases, while others bring detailed Excel spreadsheets complete with stock numbers and vendor codes.

One artist had trouble with the total number of pieces...every time we counted them we ended up with one more than the last time, and we came to the conclusion that the necklaces must simply be reproducing like bunnies every time we turned away.

In between checking everyone in I tried to finish up a couple of my own well as getting the back patio and yard cleaned up for the garden art. In the interest of showing just how bad things look before they start to get better, I'm posting a few before pictures taken this morning. I promise I'll post the after pictures on Friday, when (she says, fervently praying to the Powers That Be) it will all come together and look beautiful for the preview party Friday evening.

This part is not too bad, really.

even I have to admit this is not so good...but I'm still working on projects!

Okay, I give up...this is bad.
I often put down my scissors or paintbrush or whatever, and can't see the forest for the trees, so to speak.

Here's the patio, before I started hacking back trimming the undergrowth. Wish me luck! (I think I'm gonna need it!)

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