Thursday, June 5, 2008

oooh! my first meme...

For anyone who's unfamiliar with the use of the term "meme"in blogging land, it's a little game of tag played with a set of questions, or challenges or themes, passed from one blogger to another. It's done in many different ways, but you can read a much better explanation of memes here.

So, today I got tagged with my first meme by Magpie Musing. It's kinda random, so I'm pretty sure I can follow along. Here goes:

What was I doing ten years ago?
1998 was kind of a crazy year. We celebrated Dave's 50th birthday, Matt's graduation from high school, and Caitie's graduation from middle school...all in the same week. I was working as a photo stylist in the advertising department of Meier & Frank (a local department store swallowed whole by May Company in 2002, then most recently, by MACY*S). My dad died, and my nephew Max was born. We went to see Keiko the Whale (Free Willy) at the aquarium in Newport. Have you ever seen a whale with an erection? Not something I'll ever forget. That's pretty much all I can remember, due to my now advanced age. You can see a few photos at the end of this post.

Five things on my to-do list today:
1. stop blogging and get dressed, for God's sake!
2. bank deposit
3. go out to the studio and make stuff
4. walk the dogs
5. send out invoices

Snacks I enjoy:
Pinot Noir
Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate covered pretzels
Gamay Noir
Chocolate covered biscotti

Things I'd do if I had a billion dollars:
Pay off the mortgage and all my other bills.
Give my siblings and children homes of their own.
Pay off my kids' student loans.
Buy a hybrid.
Hire a dog trainer and a housekeeper.
Stay out in my studio all day, making stuff.
Keep blogging.
...and for the other $997 million: Start a foundation to fund art and music in public schools all over the country.

Places I've lived:
Havertown, PA
Flushing, NY
Burlington, VT
Boulder Creek, CA
San Francisco, CA
Alhambra, CA
Portland, OR

People I'd like to know more about:

Tag, you're it!


Magpie said...

Flushing? I grew in Port Washington.

And since wine is a snack? Damn. I should have put muscadet on my list.

Cactus Petunia said...

Wine is most definitely a snack. Especially if you grew up in Flushing...and did you see my family?

BOSSY said...

In hopes that it would make her exempt from all future memes, last year Bossy wrote the grandaddy of all memes and she did it in Verse:

Sparx said...

Great meme - I'll do this one, it seems a little easier. I won't do it as well as bossy though!

foolery said...

LOVE the family portrait! This was a good read. I've seen this particular meme around but have never done it. I have some thinking (remembering!) to do. Thanks, CP! And it's good to be back and to catch up with all of my favorite bloggers.

-- Laurie