Saturday, January 31, 2009

baby dumplin'

I woke up this morning just a little after 6am. I think it was some kind of strange body-memory thing, a bit of a subconscious nudge to remind me of that other early morning 25 years ago when this little dumpling came into our lives:

Her brother's delighted reaction after holding her for the first time and gazing into those big brown baby eyes? "Her look like Yoda!" (He was, after all, a big Star Wars fan like his Dad)

As she grew into a toddler, she became for a time the spitting image of her big brother.

And almost instantly (because it seems to me it was only yesterday that she entered our lives) she grew up and became the graceful, creative, funny and exotically beautiful young woman she is today.

Happy birthday, Caitie!
Love, Yo Mama

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Sparx said...

Wow, she's lovely - I'm dreading the time passing that quickly but I guess I have no choice!