Wednesday, January 28, 2009

who ARE these people?

A random sampling of names and subject lines in my email spam folder:
  • Ajay Aguilar    Find your Russian soul-mate
  • Aldrich Berry    Delivery confirmation
  • Abdullah Chambers    Turn your bedroom life into a volcano of pleasure
  • Alexio Dawson    Your wife needs your attention? Solve all the problems with IT.

photo borrowed from here

And there are more:
  • Alic Abbott wants to know about my Hall of Shame. (Don't worry, Alic-when I get nominated, I'll send you an invitation)
  • Abdul Bennett wants me to impress my girlfriend tonight. (My girlfriends are already impressed that I actually know someone named Abdul)
  • Abbe Cortez wants to know if I'm the guy who cannot make love. (Nope, not me...I'm not even a guy)
  • Alfy Dawson says, "How about a Russian bride?" (No thanks, not today)
  • Abie Davis, Abrahan Barnes and Adamo Chapman  are offering Swiss-branded watches. (Sorry, fellas--I only wear Chinese watches)
  • Adolph Dennis  says I can choose my own price. (On what? Swiss watches?)
  • Christian Dating  wants to help me find the one. (Christian, honey--I've already found him.)
  • Faye Yan  says I can incerase my value with a University Dip1oma/Degree/Masteer MBA with NO STUDY and NO TEST! (Faye's spell check program seems to be on the fritz)

And then there's this guy:

Alden Ball
IT Consultant of Perfect Lovemaking Art

It just goes to show, there's a perfect job for everyone in this world.

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g said...

A volcano in my bedroom does NOT sound pleasant.