Friday, January 2, 2009

winter wonderland

Wow. It's about 1 am and I was really trying to go along with one of my resolutions (to go to bed earlier and get up earlier in the morning) but as I let the pups out to pee one last time, the rain suddenly turned into these giant, soft snowflakes resembling shredded kleenex. Abbie and Cooper came back in the house covered in flakes, looking like reverse Dalmations. Black dogs with white spots. It's falling very quickly now, the flakes heavy with moisture. In fifteen minutes, the roofs and streets and trees are covered with a soft white coating of snow--making the world suddenly clean again, and quiet. I feel as if the neighborhood and all its inhabitants are props in a giant snow globe that's just been shaken furiously by a winter-loving child. I love it!

(Sorry, no pictures. My computer crashed hard yesterday, and I'm on Dave's tonight. Can't even turn mine on.)


g said...

Wow. It sounds beautiful. So more snow for the Northwest?

So sorry about your computer - that's what happened to mine this month - has it been 2 weeks? Yikes. My husband's colleagues will be able to save my hard drive, but not until after the holidays.

cactus petunia said...

It's just after noon, and it's almost melted again. Easy come, easy go!

Thankfully, my computer started making weird noises the day before it crashed, so Dave (my hero!) backed everything up before it blew. I'm off to the Mac gurus today to see if they can save my baby. 17 years of owning Macs, and this is the first crash! I'm counting my blessings...

Wendy aka CalvaryGirl said...

Oh it sounds wonderful! I've only seen large snowflakes once and it was as if they were sent straight from heaven! Ours melted just as quick, too ;o)

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Flowersbyfarha said...

Even though this was impressive amount of snow, the prize for the largest snowflakes I've ever seen go to Cambridge, Great Britain, Winter of 1984. How big were they?

They were so big, you could (literally) hear them "plop!" when they hit the ground. They were the size of pancakes, and I don't mean the dollar size variety.

Meanwhile, Not having your computer this week made for a truly Wordless Wednesday...and Tuesday, and Monday, and...

Hope you'll be able to remember how to type by the time it comes home.