Monday, February 23, 2009


I was lurking over at San Diego Momma's the other day, and stumbled over a post called "Fodder". The idea was for bloggers to give ideas to each other in the comments, each commenter writing a post from a prompt laid out by the commenter below them, on down the line. So, since I've come down with a severe case of writer's block I decided to give it a go. 

I don't seem to be coming up with many original ideas on my own, but for some reason, I was able to come up with a subject for stoneskin, the commenter above me. It was a very random, loosely strung together who what when where why kind of thing that slipped right off the very top of my head. (Sorry about that, Mo! But I'm dying to read what comes of it.)

tinsenpup gave me my topic: "Alright, Cactus Petunia, tell us about a little thing that made you proud."

A very simple request, really. (Diabolical!) I can't help wondering, though: Did tinsenpup sense my Catholic upbringing? The fact that it's considered low to take pride in oneself? That, even after almost 40 years have elapsed since I considered myself a practicing Catholic, I still worry about stuff like that? (Not the going to hell part, mind you...these days I'm pretty sure that the whole heaven and hell business was actually a metaphor for life on earth.)

Some Little Things That Made Me Proud
  • My son spending a summer as a swim instructor and lifeguard.
  • My daughter completing training as an Emergency First Responder. In Middle School.
  • My husband volunteering at a hospice. 
  • My niece and nephew taking care of my brother, their dad, with unending tenderness and love in his final days.
  • The sight of my sweet 5 year old pup cuddling on the couch with my sweet 5 year old neighbor.
  • My sisters looking after each other during dark times for both.
Okay, maybe that's a few things. And some of them are actually quite big. But I feel blessed to count them. And to have been here to notice. Cheers!

Oh, and by the way, you should definitely pop on over here to see Mo's post. It's wild!


mo.stoneskin said...

So I made you proud? Yet I didn't make the list? Ah well, sheesh, never mind...maybe next year.

Glennis said...

Those are wonderful things to be proud about. Way better than what I might write.